Differences In The Warriors And Rockets Betting Lines Create Great Opportunities

  • The Warriors defeated the Rockets by 4 points on Sunday’s Game 1 of the NBA East Semifinals.
  • For Game 2, the Warriors are favored by 5.5 points over the Rockets.
  • Teams that win Game 1 in the NBA Playoffs have won the series 79% of the time since 1983-84.

OAKLAND, Calif. – During the Warriors 4-point victory in Game 1 of the NBA Eastern Semifinals against the Rockets, many bettors were left on edge in the closing seconds of the game to see how the 5.5-point spread would fall.

Only a three point game in favor of the Warriors at the time, James Harden pulled up for a 3-pointer that would have possibly sent the game to overtime, affecting not only the spread but potentially the over/under as well.

Harden missed the shot; however, those who took the Rockets to cover the spread were safe. For those who took the Warriors, they were hoping for two more free throws on the final possession to flip the outcome (Chris Paul was given a technical adding one more point before the final possession).

Paul will not be suspended for game two, even though he made contact with an official and was subsequently ejected. Now, the Rockets are focused on the next game that comes with a referee (Scott Foster) that Harden and Paul have called out multiple times for having personal issues with them.

While they look forward to that, we’ll look forward to the betting lines for the next game.

The spread for Game 2 of the Rockets-Warriors series is set at 5.5 points again. The under was dropped by a few buckets, as it moved its way down to 220.5, as opposed to 224 from Game 1.

Keep in mind that these betting lines are different across multiple outlets, as bettors can choose to use licensed land-based sportsbooks in the eight legal sports betting states or regulated offshore betting sites that provide even more betting options for players.

Some of the most notable bets include the game spread and over/under but the ability to bet on the first half and even first quarter exist throughout all of the platforms.

The Warriors are the favorite throughout the beginning of the game, being -3 for the 1st half and -1.5 for the first quarter. Expected the score more points in the 1st half, the over/under is set at 111.5, while the first quarter is set at 56 points.

Though these teams are known for their prolific scorers and quick-paced offenses, the projected scores for the Rockets and Warriors are rather low. Averaging 121.6 points this postseason, the Warriors are expected to hit the 113 mark, while the Rockets are projected (107.5) to just beat their postseason average of 105.8 by two points.

As mentioned above, however, there are many different ways to bet on this game, aside from the general wagers. Betting on the teams to enter into overtime, which came devilishly close in Game 1, has odds as high as +1400.

You can even choose to bet whether a certain player will have a double-double in the game. A “yes” selection for Harden (+150) and Durant (+375) are a nice payout for players who are always involved in the action.

How about points scored? The over/under for James Harden’s points (33.5), KD’s points (30.5), or Curry’s points (27.5) all are very manageable, especially in a game expected to reach 220 points.

Whether you are using an offshore site or visiting a land-based sportsbook for California sports betting, be sure to do your research before placing any wagers. Discrepancies exist and smart bettors are able to take advantage of these variances.

Without naming any names, one site has the moneyline for the Rockets to win this west at +425, while another has it at +305.

Take advantage of these differences and you’ll be on your way to cashing out big money on the Rockets and Warriors series.

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