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You would think that being closer to Vegas would offer West Coast residents more options when it comes to legal sports betting in California. That is simply not the case, because the laws of the United States have placed strict measures on operating a casino or gaming establishment. California allows land-based casinos to be operated by authorized Native American tribes around the state. Also, state-licensed card rooms are dealing hands to Californians 24 hours a day. You might think you have to travel to another state for legal sports betting online, but instead of traveling, you can log onto SportsBetting and place bets today.

When it comes to the top rank of online books, SportsBetting’ is standing tall. They boast about their fully featured sportsbook, and we can’t find fault in anything they claim. Their registered users can drop a dime on all their favorite teams. In addition, they operate a casino, a virtual poker room, and let their members make a bet or two on triple-crown racing. SportsBetting has been making millionaires, since 1991. The site was founded to give bettors the most up to date odds and lines. Look and find out how to bet on the 49ers or the Lakers. Using an online sportsbook is safe, and interested players should join now because it takes just seconds to sign up and get all the best freebies. Going online is going to get you more bang for your buck, and getting your account loaded is a pain-free process.

Is Sports Betting Legal in California?

SportsBetting.agCitizens in California know that their state is one of the most relaxed when it comes to gaming. While the state has a large variety of slots and card rooms, it has yet to issue licenses for state-sponsored sportsbooks. However, residents can easily set up an account with SportsBetting for legal sports gambling in California. The state laws and federal laws surrounding the activity are primarily focused on sportsbook operators themselves and not the casual bettor. However, because SportsBetting is operated overseas, neither state or federal law has jurisdiction over them. They are instead regulated by their home territory and abide by their country’s rules. This makes SportsBetting a legally viable option for anyone located in the Golden State and is the reason so many residents use the site every day.

Is It Safe To Use

After doing some investigations, we have not found any records of arrests for sports betting in California. The laws that are in place do not target the casual bettor. We’ve been using these sites for years and we know that they operate outside of the country. That enables them to offer a legal alternative to California’s land-based options. They play by the rules and operate legally in their countries to keep their players safe and to continue doing business for years to come.

The Wire Act is a bill passed through over fifty years ago when they were having problems with the mafia dons in the 1960s. We ask if this law is still relevant? Absolutely not. It’s our opinion that the Wire Act is an outdated piece of legislation that deals with the transmission of information through ancient “wired telecommunications facilities”. This law could have never predicted the explosion of global communication brought about by the internet, and its intent has been hijacked and twisted by sleazy prosecutors today.

This law is not meant to indict a casual gamer. It’s safe to use internet betting sites. In fact, the Wire Act was written with a provision to protect the players and keep them safe. The “casual bettor” exception provided a legal defense for anyone who makes a wager every so often. In reality, the Wire Act just makes it so that bettors in one state can not use a state-licensed sportsbook in another state. This does not apply to offshore books, which accepts residents of CA and all 50 states.

Why Should I Join

When you join SportsBetting you’re not just joining millions of players around the world, you’re becoming a member of an exclusive global community. Get lucky with your friends. Millions trust SportsBetting and use this website for all their online wagers. We’ve never had more options for legal sports betting in California and we’re sure that SportsBetting has received a big “A+” rating from the professional entertainment agency for new internet standards.

Can California Residents Join SportsBetting?

Anyone can sign up in California for sports betting as long as they are 18 or 21 if the state’s requirement is higher. This state has a legal age restriction on gaming that varies depending on the activity. SportsBetting requires that all of its users be at least 18 or the legal age of the player’s hometown.

When anyone signs up to the online sportsbook, they must agree to the terms and conditions. I mention this so that people will understand that when an account is found violating the codes by allowing an underage user on the website, it will be immediately suspended. SportsBetting has an amazing reputation. This site is dedicated to delivering a safe and fun experience for all their members and they will take swift action against those who take advantage of this service by using it improperly.

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Is My Money Secure At

Your money is going to be secure at the sportsbook. California’s legal sports betting sites have security measures that are enhanced by the use of trusted third-party affiliates like the Visa network. When you make a deposit at SportsBetting, their website does business over a secure and encrypted network. They make sure that transactions are processed with accuracy and modern safety techniques that safeguard your sensitive data against potentially fraudulent activity. They take their jobs seriously and have support staff standing by for any issues that require a professional and English-speaking representative.

How Do I Fund My SportsBetting Account?

Funding an account for legal sports betting in California is like shooting fish in a barrel. All you need is a few pieces of information for verification and you’re ready to make your deposit. Log into the online sportsbook and click over to their cashier page. Here you can view all the different methods and their minimum and maximum deposit amounts. Those are limits on how much or little players can deposit into their accounts. The most convenient method is credit/debit cards and they usually have the lowest minimums. For high rollers, bank wire transfers may not have a maximum amount at all.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act caused a lot of international sites to stop serving customers across the US, but SportsBetting never stopped. This law had a drastic impact on the way that online gaming organizations could do business with financial institutions of the United States. The UIGEA stopped banks from accepting transactions from gaming sites electronically, like using credit cards for a payout method. These laws are strictly for the regulation of banking and money transactions. There is never going to be any legal ramification by the UIGEA for a player using an online sportsbook.

What Bonuses Does SportsBetting Offer New Members?

You’re going to find one thing from this site for California sports betting, and that is value. Using an online sportsbook lets you save that travel money and put it towards your favorite team. Right from the start, you will earn more on every dollar you deposit with Sportsbetting. Receive up to a maximum welcome bonus of $500. These huge bonuses are here at SportsBetting and they can be redeemed quickly with their low rollover rates. While account reload bonuses vary throughout the season, every player can earn at least 25%, or up to a maximum of $1000, on every qualifying deposit.

What Can I Bet On And Are There Multiple Betting Options?

SportsBetting has so many choices for legal sports betting in California. Their sportsbook has an elegant and simple design that lets each bettor see a full, easy-to-read listing of the day’s events. Members can use SportsBetting’s books for wagering on their favorite teams, from every league in the United States. You can also place wagers on the international sports leagues of Soccer and Rugby. They have more choices than a buffet and they make people into millionaires every week.

If you have some experience with placing wagers, SportsBetting is going to offer sharp players choices on thousands of lines. They have over 10 different ways to bet such as straight wagers, pleasers, special teasers, parlays, if – wins, over / under, and money lines. Try different ways to win with this fabulous site.

How Do Payouts With Work?

There are different choices when getting a withdrawal from a sports betting website for California residents. Payouts can be requested weekly and SportsBetting doesn’t charge high fees. This site prefers to mail checks to US customers, which means in a matter of days, your payout arrives discretely to your mailbox. Mailing a check will provide the player with the lowest fees for payout methods.

Also, payouts can be made using their person to person service or a bank wire. Note that the fees and minimums vary on different methods for payouts, check the cashier page at SportsBetting for more details.