Review Of Bovada

To say that California has a considerable amount of casinos and cardrooms is quite the understatement. Out of the copious amounts of these gambling options, there is still no land-based sportsbooks but still plenty of legal sports betting in California. Which is silly because California has more sports teams than any other state in the US, and nowhere to get in on the action. Bovada is a legal sports betting site, and gladly accepts players from California. Are you a big football fan? This betting site has you covered with constantly updated betting odds, and wager types. Bovada’s sportsbook has all your favorite California NFL teams like the Raiders, Chargers, and 49er’s. If you are more of a college football fan, they have betting lines for the Golden Bears, Cardinal, and Trojans.

Bovada has a whole slew of sports to choose from though, not just football. They have a thorough list for your betting pleasure such as baseball, basketball, soccer, UFC/MMA, motorsports, and golf. They even have nontraditional sports like darts, pool, e-sports (video games), and handball. Essentially, this site has all the events, games, divisions, and leagues that you are looking for. This amazing sportsbook is always adding the trendiest and hottest betting options that even include some wager options on certain entertainment aspects.

Everyone wants to be well informed and convinced about his or her choices. California is no different. In this review, I will go over all the most essential and imperative information pertaining to legal sports betting in California. I want to answer all the pressing questions that most California residents ask, like is what I’m doing legal, can I trust this site, do people get into trouble for using this site, and is my money safe? I will answer all these questions and go over the payout/deposit methods, and briefly tell you about the stellar features offered on Bovada.

Is It Legal To Bet At A Sports Betting Site In California?

Bovada is a legal sports betting site in California, although there is a law that you need to be made aware of. This law governs over sports betting in the US only. Right now, lets us focus on why Bovada is legal for you to use. This site based in our neighboring country of Canada. State and federal restrictions over sports betting are inconsequential over sites that function in other countries, and because of this, it is legal to bet at this site. It is also legal for California residents to bet on sites that are operated overseas because no such language that is written in the law that says US residents cannot bet online. Now, let us go over the meaning of the law itself.

The Wire Act was passed in the ’60s. Back in those days, they had problems with criminals using organized crime to influence sports betting. To deter this from further going on they enacted the Wire Act. The Wire Act says that transmitting funds or wagering information over a wire across state lines is a punishable offense. By making it a crime, the government hoped to stop these hoodlums from exploiting the sports games, events, players, and officials. For a time this worked, but over the years, the Wire Act was changed. Now several attempts were made to revise the law back to its former glory, this attempt has been called the Restoration of America’s Wire Act, or RAWA. Although, RAWA has not gained much traction in Congress which means California residents and sports bettors across America are still free to use Bovada’s services.

Is Bovada A Trusted Sports Betting Site In California?

Bovada has been a trusted sports betting site in California for over two decades. Sites with nefarious or illegitimate activity would hardly be around for that long in the modern age. Bovada is licensed, overseen by the Canadian Gaming Commission, and the equivalent of the Better Business Bureau. Bovada has amassed an outstanding reputation not just by satisfied customers, but major sports media outlets. Serving millions of people not just in the US and Canada, but from all around the world. Californians ranked the highest volume of members out of the US with players in the hundred thousand.

Has Anyone In California Ever Been Arrested For Using Bovada?

No, my research shows there has not been a single case of anyone being arrested or prosecuted because they made a wager on a legal sports betting site in California. The repeal of the federal law known as PASPA has also shown that the Supreme Court has taken a lighter stance on sports betting as a whole. Now that it is gone, California lawmakers can make their own laws regarding sports betting. However, they have yet to do so leaving residents in a legal gray area. There are no penalties directly set for people that use online offshore sportsbooks and there have been none introduced since the elimination of PASPA by the Supreme Court. This means using Bovada is fair game to CA sports bettors and those looking to bet on California based teams.

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If You Use Your Money At Bovada, Is It Safe?

California residents are practical people and they want to get the most value for every dollar they can. Being comfortable in a purchase and knowing you made the right decision is very important to anyone. So, let me tell you why I know that giving your money to this site is safe. One, this site has been around for a long time, and they know how to protect your personal information and your money. Two, this site is overseen by several government and international agencies to ensure that not only are the games not fixed but that the same business practices are followed by that any of other reputable establishment. Three, there customer service options are second to none and allow for direct communication with a live person so that you can resolve any payment or withdrawal options immediately.

I like to tell everyone about the laws, so they can grasp the scope of what is legal and not legal. Since we have already broached the subject of money I think we should continue. So, before I tell you about payouts, I want to tell you about the law regarding payouts. The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act, or the UIGEA for short, regulates the way a betting site can payout to its winners. The UIGEA strictly prohibits the use of credit cards to process payouts from these sites to bettors. However, players can still pay their deposits with a credit card, but I will go over that shortly. Therefore, just to make it clear, it is unlawful for a betting site to pay you, the bettor, using a credit card, and that is all that the UIGEA affects. Good thing, Bovada has plenty of other ways to payout to players.

What Are My Deposit And Payout Options At Bovada

Okay, payouts with Bovada are simple and easy. This site is great about making sure that players get their money and in a timely fashion too. You can select either the rapid transfer (Western Union/MoneyGram), or check. With rapid transfer, the speed is usually about 48hrs, with a minimum take out of $300 and a maximum of $5000. Fees are never above $45, and depend on the amount withdrawn and the rapid transfer method. The different payout methods have separate terms and conditions that apply, so be sure to check those out before you choose your option.

Deposits work almost the same way as payouts, but with one key difference, you can use credit cards. California players like to use credit/debit cards most because they are quick and convenient, so that is what I want to highlight in this section. Bovada’s credit card deposits are accepted within a few minutes, so you can be on your way to winning the big bucks in no time. This site also lets you make deposits with prepaid cards, money orders, and even the elusive bitcoin. All deposits have separate terms as well, and you should check out Bovada for the details.

What Are Some Of The Features Offered At Bovada Sports Betting Site?

Are you a geek like me that loves all things involving the latest in technology and gaming? Of course you are, so these high tech features are sure to give you a “nerdgazim.” The two features that I like the most and the ones I’m going to talk about are the mobile betting and interactive in-game betting apps. Are you ever bored out of your mind at the DMV or doctor’s office? Try Bovada’s mobile betting app, which is free and requires no downloading. Manage your entire account at Bovada, make withdrawals and deposits, get all the lines on all major sports, and take a gander at the props and future bets available. The live in-game betting feature is my favorite because you can change your bets or make new ones while the game is playing in real time. If you live in California and you love to legally bet on sports, you need to check out Bovada and join the rest of us nerds.