Is Sports Betting Legal In California

Many California residents are big sports fans, and it's no surprise why. The Golden State is home to four professional basketball teams, three NFL teams and a slew of college programs with colorful histories and winning traditions. For a lot of fans who look to turn their passion for their teams and games into a hobby, sports betting can provide a fun outlet to get even more enjoyment out of a good ballgame. The problem many of these fans face is that gambling as a hobby has a negative stigma, and finding solid, reliable information on it can be a struggle. Most believe that you have to go all the way to Nevada before you'll be able to place a bet. Luckily, this is not the case as there are ways to safely place wagers on sporting events right in your own home state.

The most important thing to know is that betting on sports is perfectly fine if you do it the right way. Even though few states actually house active sportsbooks, no laws are written which prohibit the acts of betting, wagering, or collecting your winnings. In California, you are not allowed to host a sports book and to promote gambling in any way, but you will not violate the law from merely taking part in any sort of gambling. There are some gray area issues surrounding the legality of sports betting and using online sportsbooks for California residents, but it is crucial to remember that it is in no way punishable by law.

Land-Based Sports Betting in California:

Now that we know it's legal to place bets and wagers, the natural question that arises is how California residents can go about seeking an establierestsshment to start wagering on some betting lines. Remember that while you are safe merely participating in sports betting, land-based sportsbooks in California do not exist due to state law. Because of this, not only can land based sportsbooks be hard to find, but they will often force players to deal with less than savory characters and they cannot provide the ideal safety and security for your monetary investments into the hobby. If you insist on legal land-based sports betting that you can do in person, you will be forced to cross over the state border into Nevada or fly to another legal betting state. That being said, tribal and commercial gaming interests are working on coming to an agreement on how to best launch a regulated sports betting industry in California.

Legal Online Sports Betting in California:

The good news for players in California is that there are many online sportsbooks that will accept California residents that are completely safe and legitimate. Since these secure online books are based overseas, they are not punishable by California law and are free to provide betting services for you with no fear of the state courts coming down on them. With their heavy emphasis on customer service, not only will online sportsbooks provide a safe, legal outlet for your betting hobby, they will often provide much more user-friendly betting lines and many more custom options for constructing your wager. This gives you an unprecedented freedom in betting that you simply cannot find in the United States if you're looking for land based sports betting.

Bovada Sportsbook - Legal For California Players At Least 18 Years Old

Bovada SportsbookIf you're looking for one such online sportsbook to set up an account with but your head is spinning from having so many options, look no further than Bovada. By signing up with Bovada, California residents will find not only the perks like safety, legality, and supreme customer service, Bovada subscribers are also given access to their award winning mobile app. Many sports fans carry their most powerful computer around in their pocket, and now Bovada has a great custom app that puts all of their betting lines and propositions right at your fingertips. Using the app, it's a breeze to access your Bovada account to place a bet, collect a payout, or even fund your account from virtually anywhere you can take your phone. Never miss a great betting opportunity again with your Bovada account.

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What's The Bottom Line? Will I Get In Trouble For Betting On Sports?

While many would-be bettors living in California think they may be limited to casino games or online fantasy wagering options like FanDuel, it simply is not the case. While searching for ways to place sports bets in person can be a dangerous, insecure investment, there are several online sportsbooks who can gladly provide you with the service needed to start placing bets immediately after signing up. If you want to participate in legal sports betting in California, don't fall in the trap of thinking that living outside Las Vegas has to stop you, because it doesn't. It's possible to safely enjoy not just the California sunshine, but also nearly unlimited wagering on all your favorite sports teams from across the U.S. in every major sport.